Generating Leads and sales

If they're not coming to you, theyre going to competition

A Roadmap To success

strategies to get more leads and sales

Generating new leads and sales can be one of the most important parts of business marketing. With consistent leads and sales, your business can grow exponentially. No leads or sales equals no business. 

New Business

These are first-time customers. This tends to be the most expensive part of the process since it generally costs much more to acquire new customers than it does to retain your existing ones. Having solid strategies and a well thought out approach helps to reduce the cost to acquire these new customers.

Repeat Business & Cross Sales

Repeat Sale means selling again to your existing customers. This requires customers to be engaged with your business over and over again. Just because someone bought from you once doesn't necessarily mean they will purchase again. It requires planning and strategy to turn buyers into multi-buyers.

Cross sales are the process of maximizing your profits. Too many companies leave potential profits on the table. Whereas Repeat Sale is selling the same thing to your customers, cross selling means selling something completely different to your customer base. In order to maximize your company's profitability, you have to offer your customers other products and services.

Consistent Referrals

By far, the majority of businesses we speak to regularly tell us that they get most of their business from word of mouth and referrals. While this is a great thing, the reality is that without a structured strategy, you are more often than not lacking true consistency.

Hope is not a strategy. Getting consistent referrals and word of mouth business isn't really that hard, it just requires structure.

Testimonials & PR

We're talking generating leads and sales so what does testimonials and PR have to do with it? In short...everything.

Today it's easier than ever for people to get information about your business. People look at testimonials exactly the same way they would a personal recommendation. Developing strategies to get the right kind of testimonials is crucial to your reputation.

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