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David Hall

“Forget this mess!”


We Are Trustway Marketing

We are Marketing Experts and A leading SEO, web development, business development, digital advertising, and marketing company that helps businesses grow by breaking the traditional mold.

But, if you want to know, let us give you a little backstory…

It all started with everybody's favorite radio station... WIIFM

Alright, it might sound a little corny, but it’s true… Everybody’s favorite radio station is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

Our founder and CEO, David Hall, owns a bunch of companies. In fact, his first company was a graphic design company he started when he was 14.

Anyway, over the years, he had hired a bunch of marketing companies and it was always the same ‘ol same ‘ol… They had a service they wanted to sell him and never bothered to ask about his vision or goals. It was always about them!

When asked about how they went about their process, it consistently felt like he was getting spun around in circles.

Where to start Marketing Your Business

sometimes you just feel clueless
A Letter From Our CEO
"Hey, I don't even know where to start!"
I can't tell you how many times a day we hear this one!

You’re not alone.

What makes it even harder is those pesky marketing companies that are constantly trying to sell you on the next magic bullet. Indulge me just a second while I go on a rant…

Trustway Marketing was started just because of this. I (David Hall, Founder) own 13 companies. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I can’t even tell you how many marketing companies I’ve hired in the past. All of them…and I mean ALL have done business virtually the same way.

They contacted me or I was referred to them. They told me about this strategy that was the end-all-be-all of my marketing efforts like SEO or website redesign or mobile app development. The problem is that not a single one of them talked to me about my vision, my goals, my dreams or what I wanted to accomplish.

Now, I’m a pretty straight to the point guy when it comes to stuff like this, but I always felt like that guy on the used car lot that is approached by the scumbag salesperson wanting to sell me the most expensive car on the lot without asking me what I’m looking for. (Been there done that too…Could you tell?)

Why Not?

Pretty simple, I finally figured out. It’s because most of them are salespeople and have never really dealt with a lot of things we business owners deal with on a daily basis. They don’t understand what keeps us up at night, what we dream about and the burdens and stresses we feel.

Ok…I’m done with my rant. Back to the point at hand.

So David said he was going to something about it. Marketing should be about the client, not some salesperson trying to sell a service. He ended up hiring some staff to work with his companies that had expertise in a variety of marketing areas. As more and more clients started asking for help, he had his staff helping them with their marketing. 

Since David’s background is in business coaching and consulting, we have always taken a more consultative approach to marketing. Clients got to talking and bringing more clients and asking for more help. Thus, Trustway Marketing was born.

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Our Culture

Creative Problem Solvers That Believe in Hard Work and Dedication

Unlike most marketing agencies, our goal is not to just sell you something. Our goal is to be your Chief Marketing Officer and outsourced marketing department.

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David Hall

Founder & CEO

PJ Hall-Bills

Marketing Strategy Specialist

Lisa Berry

Marketing Consultant

Mark Medlin

Marketing Consultant

Anastaxia Wang

Financial Specialist

Angela Salamone

Content Development Specialist

Gautam Roy

Marketing Consultant

Rebecca Salamone

Marketing Consultant

Samantha Hexa

PR Consultant

Twila Ray

Marketing Consultant

Akash Roy

Graphic Designer

What Makes Us Unique?

A Continual Focus On Growth

Here are just a few of the things we invest in to grow ourselves and our staff