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Do you ever feel like you need to do some marketing, but get overwhelmed with all the people telling you what you should do? There is no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing your business. Your goals should lead to your marketing needs. Here are some ideas you can use to help you make the right decision for what you need. If you would like an even more personalized experience, feel free to check it out in our chatbot.

Lack of Resources

Not enough people, time or budget? Keeping up with trends and technology seem overwhelming? Managing your marketing or website just takes too much time and effort?

Standing Out

Looking for something different than what everyone else has? Need to be different from your competition? Are your website and graphics just not doing it for you?

Where To Start

All the marketing people out there getting you confused to what you need to do first? Not sure what to work on first? Need some extra focus to get the results you want?

Increase Visibility

Need to get your brand in front of more potential customers? Not sure if you picked the right social media or outlets? Everyone says you need content, but not sure where to start?

More Leads & Sales

Could be more profitable if you just had more leads and sales? Need new sales and repeat sales? Need consistent referrals? Looking for more testimonials and good PR?

Is It Working?

Are you sure you're investing in the right things for marketing? Is it really working? Are the right people seeing you? Are you really getting a return on your investment?

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If you don’t really need the help and you know what you want, check out our strategies page to take a look at some of the strategies and services we offer.

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Your Marketing Team

If you’re looking for a more all-inclusive marketing program and not just a single offering, consider our marketing plans. We become your outsourced marketing team.

Our team of experts will help guide, grow and build your business one step at a time just like we are your own internal staff. 

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One thing we like to make sure to do with any social media is have a checklist to make sure we’re getting the right thing across and in a way that can help the brand. Check out our blog post on the Ultimate Social Media Checklist for a free copy of our checklist.

The short answer is no. It would take too much time and not be very effective.

Think of it this way, the best place for you to be is where your prospects and customers are. 

Which social network are your prospects and customers active on? Those would be where your time will best be spent. I would also choose no more than 2-3 networks to be active on. This will keep you from spending so much time on social that the rest of your business gets ignored.

Absolutely. One of the huge factors in Google ranking is quality of content. Some experts believe it is one of the largest factors of SEO.

Good content should be informative as well as engaging. This helps both the reader and the search engine to see that you’re offering more than just something to sell. You’re giving away your expertise.

Search engines like Google love it when they can send targeted visitors to your content. It makes them look good.

Though most marketing firms would say “of course”, we tend to say “it depends” on what you mean by fast as well as what you mean by “boost”.

If by boost, you mean create awareness that will help lots of people see you exist, then that would be a resounding yes. We can actually do that in less than 1 month.

Building leads and sales, however, can take longer depending on what you’re offering. Marketing is a marathon and not a race. Our target is building your business not just for the immediate, but for the long term. We have some clients that have started increasing within a couple of weeks, but that isn’t always the case. If you would like to know more about boosting your business, contact us and we can chat about how we can help.

Yes…and no.

Print advertisement over the last several years has decreased in effectiveness significantly as a stand-alone method.

However, when used in combination with an effective digital strategy, you can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by tapping into both online and offline visibility.

The first piece of advice is simply get started. Get started with something. A business doesn’t market itself.

Whether you can allocate several thousand dollars a month or just a few hundred, you can always scale if necessary. However, if you don’t get started doing something, you can never grow and pivot with is working and what isn’t.

The second piece of advice is focus on the strategy or strategies that will specifically help YOUR business. Most marketing firms simply want to make a sale and will sell you something that sounds good. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where are we right now?
  • What would be most beneficial to us?

Use this blog post as a guide to help you out.

We specialize in done-for-you services. From consultations to implementations, we are a full-service firm.

If you would like a specific strategy, you can check out our strategies page. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, simply contact us and let us know. We’ll build it.

By far, however, our most popular service is our plans. With our plans, we act as a fully outsourced marketing department. We work on growing your business monthly. The primary factor here is, unlike most marketing companies, you’re not telling us what needs to be done (unless you have requests or needs). We do a thorough review regularly and update your marketing plan and strategies accordingly. We will drive your marketing based on the needs of the business. You can check out our plans to find out more.

If we don’t feel we can help you or be successful with your needs, we won’t accept you as a client. We are selective about the clients we choose to help.

The other requirement we have is that you be active in helping grow your business. If we struggle to contact you for what we need as well as have trouble getting responses, we will end our partnership.

These rules have helped us have a 100% success rate with the clients we maintain.

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