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What is brand authority?

Brand authority, simply put, is trust. It refers to how well people see you and your business as an expert in your field.

Building your brand’s authority brand amplifies the level of trust customers and prospects have and that, in many cases, is what compels them to do business with you.

By continually developing your brand’s authority, you are building pathways to create more brand awareness for the potential customers that don’t know you exist. For the ones that do know about your business already, you are developing deeper trust which can help them feel more comfortable doing business with you versus competitors.

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How do I build trust and authority for my brand?

The first thing you need to understand is your business needs exposure. Brand exposure or brand awareness is the familiarity of consumers with your company, a particular product, or service that you offer.

In other words, a person must know your business exists before it is possible for them to do business with you.

Once a person is aware you exist, you are now simply one of any number of other companies that do the same or similar thing you do. In the consumer’s mind, you are now lumped together with the rest of your competition.

Success does not come in how you are the same as your competition. It comes in how you stand out.

That leads us back to the question of how you stand out as an expert in your field…

While placing ads throughout the internet such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads can generate brand awareness, they do not create authority. Remember: authority is expertise.

In order to create brand authority, 2 things are required:

  • Engaging and Informative Content
  • Appropriate Exposure

Engaging and Informative Content

44% of people say they typically consume three to five pieces of content before engaging with a vendor according to DemandGen.

This means you need a great content strategy. The content needs to be of value to the consumer. This means it needs to answer questions that they have or solve problems that need to be addressed.

Appropriate Exposure

By appropriate exposure, I mean more than simply seeing an advertisement.

Exposure can come in the form of many things like blog posts, YouTube videos, social media posts, etc. However, one of the best forms of exposure is with media outlets. Media outlets like news stations, magazines, etc., tend to have a lot of authority. Look at how the media drives much of the information we receive today.

A good Public Relations strategy can help expedite your brand authority development by years. 

That is including the negative effects of Coronavirus. This alone is worth over $97 billion per year globally.

An Interesting Aside

Google, along with most other search engines use 2 primary factors for determining how your website will rank (how many people they will put your company in front of organically).

  1. Quality of Content on your site – In fact, Google has taken a stance against thin content to penalize companies that do not focus on the informational needs of their users.
  2. Backlinks from other sites with high authority – Backlinks are links that other websites place on their site that link back to yours. The higher the authority of that site, the higher your inherited authority. Google is much more interested in quality backlinks rather than quantity.

What does this mean?

The average person will look much more favorably on a company that has been featured in the news for its expertise over companies that haven’t. Google does as well.

More Attention – More Exposure – More Leads – More Success

... And A Happy Dance!

What is Brand Authority Network, build a strong brand reputation

What is Brand Authority Network?

With over 500 media outlets as partners, our Brand Authority Network is designed to increase exposure to your business, generate leads, and establish more brand awareness.

Looking to increase your online presence, visibility, and brand awareness? You are in the right place. Here at Trustway Marketing, we take brand journalism to a whole new level! Using Brand Authority Network, you can turn your business, products, and services into a winning marketing solution.

What are media partners most interested in?

Anything that could be newsworthy. Here are some examples…

Launch a New Product or Service

Now that you have managed to create a new winning product or service, it is time to reach your buyer persona effectively. With our brand journalism services, you can not only reach your existing customers but a wider audience you could only dream of. 

Describe The Advantages of Your Brand

Good advertising doesn’t feel like advertising at all. The media outlets where your press release or announcement is published are authoritative sites that have already built a relationship of trust with their readers. Sharing the advantages of your brand with their audience will eventually help you market your business in a way customers love.

Invite People to Join Your Webinar or Download Your eBook

Give a brief description of what your audience should expect from your eBook and invite them to download it. You can also persuade them to enroll in an online course or to join your webinar. The results: More connections and establishment of brand awareness.

Share New Offers With Your Customers

A new offer can be anything from a product discount to free shipping to added features or product upgrades. With the proper care, we turn your marketing content into a journalistic-style copy that has a warmer approach to your target audience and better persuades them to make a move.

Release a New Survey, Report, or Case Study

Address solutions to industry-related topics and let the world know about the knowledge and the experience you have. Your research paper will be distributed over authoritative websites, online news outlets, and blogs within your niche.

Announce An Offline Event or Contest

Want to watch more and more customers knocking on your business doors? Simply run a remarkable contest or organize an event that will engage your audience and make them remember your brand. You focus on the idea while we make sure everyone learns about it.

Share a Day From Your Work

People want to know more about what you do and how you do it. Share a day from your work with your potential customers. Start with your daily tasks, how you treat your customers, and even include an exciting moment from your work. Your readers will react and want to learn more about your products and services.

Announce Your New Website

Have a new website built recently but having little to no traffic? Invite your audience to take a moment of their precious time and visit your website. Treat them with relevant and valuable information and they will respond to your call to action. 

Share Your Company Rewards or Product Milestone

Enhance your business marketing efforts by promoting your brand on a large and effective scale. You can now educate, inform and persuade your customers about your brand, business, or company. Let them know about your success in a manner they can comprehend and appreciate.


How to Increase Brand Authority

Research and Analysis 

In order to come up with a winning media distribution campaign, we build the proper road map to get you there. We create a strategic plan that starts by learning more about your company, your industry, your goals, and the type of content your audience is looking for. With that, we can now construct an editorial calendar, find the most suitable platforms for it to be shared, as well as how, and when this content will be distributed. 

Content Creation

There are two options for you to choose from at this stage. You can either come up with your own content. After all, you are a professional within your industry. Or, you can leave it to our talented team of content writers to craft your content for you. Our experts can create journalistic-style content that brings value to your readers and persuades them to take action. At the same time, focusing on keywords and SEO will ensure that your content will get in front of the most people possible.

Content Publishing  

Now that your content is ready, we can move on to the next step – publishing. In this stage, we identify the most relevant and suitable online spaces that match your industry and have more chances to attract a wider audience to your business. Depending on your field, we can choose from news outlets, websites, blogs, digital or print format magazines, and even social media channels. Rest assured, as our partners are authoritative, industry leaders with a high audience and serve as professional trustworthy sources.


To understand the continuity of your brand journalism campaign, we keep you updated with results and insights at regular intervals. To ensure your content is reaching as many people as possible our Optimization Team evaluates these insights and takes action accordingly. We adjust our tactics and strategies to continue driving up engagement and increase your audience reach. 

Key Advantages to Brand Awareness

Save Time and Money  

A public relations department can either be cost-prohibitive or too difficult to manage. With our long-standing relationships with media partners, you save time and money without compromising results. Want people to hear about your brand? We are here to help you accomplish those goals and get your products and services where they should be – in front of your customers. 

Establish your Local Reputation  

Our partners are your partners. Imagine your community hearing about you from their daily trusted news sites and see your business on featured on news sites all over the world. This will not only help you get recognized by them but also grow your business by building a relationship of trust. 

Conquer the Aggregators  

Google News – Bing News – Yahoo News – Apple News  – Samsung News – Facebook News Feed – Twitter 

These are the primary spaces people trust for their daily dose of information. A great copy either made by you and edited by our team or completely handled by us, is all it takes to be read, shared, and loved by your target audience.

Increase Google Rankings

If you have already heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you know that in order to succeed online and show up to many people is both hard and takes time. One major advantage of Brand Authority Network is that it helps you generate a considerable amount of quality backlinks. Simplified, backlinks are considered as votes from other websites linking to your content. Why do you need them? To increase your Google and other search engine rankings and to become the leader in your industry. 

Generate Leads and Sales

Our partnership with more than 500 online news sites mean thousands of readers getting your work served in a trustworthy and effective manner. Our partners combined calculate almost a billion readers and visitors on a monthly basis. We ensure your press release is published and distributed on sites that are relevant and suitable to your industry. The bottom line: Quality leads and sales generated!

No Work Required From Your End 

From the consultation to the execution stage, our team of professionals can manage your brand awareness growth while you focus on what really matters to you. Simply give us a hand at the beginning by explaining to us your company goals. You can also handle your copy or leave it to us. In the end, we ensure your content is relevant, worth reading, and brings value to your readers. 

How do you get access to Brand Authority Network?

Because of our unique strategy and requirements, Brand Authority Network is not something we can offer every company. We use Brand Authority Network as part of an overall strategy with our clients. We make recommendations to our clients solely based on what is in the best interest of the growth of our clients as well as our media partners. To see if your company qualifies for Brand Authority Network, schedule a Double Your Sales Strategy session now.


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