LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

LinkedIn is the #1 B2B lead generation platform in the world...
with billions of dollars in deals closed from leads generated on their platform

Generating leads and signing on new clients can be one of the most challenging parts of owning your own business. In order to drive consistent and reliable revenue, it is important to focus on the most efficient lead generation tactics and strategies. With our LinkedIn lead generation services, you can now access a broad community of professionals, target them with precision, and generate qualified leads.

Our mission is simple: To connect the world’s professionals and help them collaborate with each other. Whatever your level of involvement is, we help you use LinkedIn to your advantage by expanding your reach and generating quality leads.

Why LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

  • The world’s largest professional network houses 756 million members from 200 countries and regions. The United States, Canada, and Europe occupy half of the volume. 
  • On LinkedIn – 57 million companies are listed, 3 people are hired every minute, and 300K remote job positions are open only in the US. 
  • 77% of companies measure ROI in LinkedIn marketing within the first month of the campaign. Out of them, 37% are very confident about marketing their services on LinkedIn. 
  • When compared to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation, courtesy of its professional user base and rich accurate data. 

In the end, numbers are just numbers. It is the quality of users and content that makes LinkedIn the world’s leading social channel of professionals. With around 700 million professional accounts, the network is filled with decision-makers, stakeholders, and industry experts.

How Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Services Get Results?

Interest List or VIP Teaser

Taking advantage of our LinkedIn lead generation services means getting access to this broad network and exposing your business or company to qualified leads. We help you increase engagement, keep your feed entertained, optimize your LinkedIn profile, handle your connection requests, and run winning ad campaigns. 

It's like having your own dedicated staff member handling all of your LinkedIn for you without the cost of a staff member. All you have to do is follow-up with the conversations and close the sales!

Our Process

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile Neatly

The first step that helps increase engagement and generate leads is having a complete LinkedIn profile. By optimization, we mean enhancing your LinkedIn profile content to make it suitable for LinkedIn search results without compromising its visually aesthetic and engaging format for your visitors.

With your help, we can complete your profile, company page, gallery, recommendations section, endorsements, and connections. We make your headline more than just a job title and turn your summary into an enjoyable story.

To further maximize the potential of lead generation, we make your LinkedIn profile SEO-friendly. Same as with search engines, LinkedIn’s search results are sorted by “relevance”. For your profile to show up to as many prospects as possible, we utilize relevant keywords that you want to be known for. 

Personalized and Warm Outreach 

Well, automated platforms can save you time, true. But, what happens when you use them? Your messages become less and less personalized, almost dead. Furthermore, automation violates LinkedIn regulations and if your account is banned, you have to start all over. This is what you don’t want to do with your LinkedIn profile. Instead, opting for a professional LinkedIn lead generation agency can increase the results in generating leads and turning your connections to prospects. We make your prospects accept your connection requests by leveraging the written word to convey a powerful impact. A personalized and well-written connection request can become the foundation of long-term relationships or reinforce the existing ones. 

Generating Actionable Data from LinkedIn with Ease

Company Name – Phone Number –  Full Name –  Website –  Workplace Info –  Job Title –  Email Adress – Company Size 

We help you find your targeted leads based on these important details. Once we find them, we can now build lists such as email lists, contact lists, prospect lists, cold-calling lists, targeted prospect lists, and so on. It is no secret that LinkedIn is the perfect social network for generating actionable data.

These are some of the most important details we can generate to run more efficient marketing campaigns that serve to increase brand engagement, awareness, and loyalty. 

We Have the Best Content Creators for LinkedIn Feeds

On your behalf, our team of content creators is happy to come up with compelling and persuasive content that is worth reading and sharing. Valuable content is key to increasing credibility and awareness among your audience. We take that seriously and thrive to deliver nothing but quality content. Articles, Videos, or Infographics, it is up to you to make a choice and tell our team of content creators to turn on their engines. We take our time and do our research to come up with high-quality content. 

Compelling Articles 

Publishing articles on LinkedIn can help improve your exposure. It is a great solution to showcase your knowledge and expertise to the rest of the world. It helps you establish credibility and authority among your audience by addressing solutions to industry-related topics. Our team of content writers helps you feed your audience with quality content that makes them respond and take action. With users scanning through their feed, we keep your content attractive, simple, and enjoyable. 

Captivating Videos 

Good videos for LinkedIn feed can boost brand awareness and help in furthering relationships with your connections. You need to generate leads. We have a team of video creators that can help address a solution to your need with short videos, recaps, and animations. Simply let us know of your idea and we will turn it into a state-of-the-art LinkedIn video that delivers value and drives engagement. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

Photos & Graphics

A picture speaks a thousand words. More like “a thousand connections”. That’s a good start! And it is very possible. All you need is a professional LinkedIn lead generation agency on your side that can bring you closer to your prospects with relevant photos and graphics that capture your audience’s attention. Simply let us know when you are ready to get started!


LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Management Services

Using budgets efficiently is of utmost importance so you can expect clear communication and proficient use of our resources from our end. Every step of the process is carefully handled to help achieve your business goals. There are three stages that we undertake to run winning LinkedIn advertising campaigns. From defining your objectives to selecting the ad format to monitor your LinkedIn ad campaign, we will walk you through the process that turns clicks into quality leads. 

Listing Your Goals

With LinkedIn advertising, we help you reach decision-makers and generate qualified leads, drive traffic to your website, or increase brand awareness. We help you properly target your audience to ensure the highest ROI. The specificity of LinkedIn marketing campaigns enables us to target professionals by their geographic location, industry, company, interests, and education. Therefore, you can ensure your marketing campaign is being handled properly and with efficiency in mind. 

Creating Your Ad 

With stellar sponsored content, we help you capture your audience’s attention quickly and directly. Depending on what your target audience can take action the most, we can use a single image ad, carousel image ad, video ad, or message ad. All of them serve the same purpose – getting closer to your audience and increasing conversions. Our team of graphic designers is always ready to deliver a killer ad.

Monitoring Your Campaign 

We closely monitor your LinkedIn ad campaign to fully understand its success and optimize its performance for better results. We analyze the progress using data generated by LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights. Impressions, clicks, cost per click, click-through rate, are only some of the key performance indicators that we can control to increase the relevancy of our ads to your target audience.

We Preach What We Practice

As a digital marketing agency, LinkedIn occupies an important place in our strategic growth. We as well use all of the above-mentioned strategies to generate leads and increase brand awareness. The same happens with our clients. Our experience and technical know-how are in your service to help you connect with the individuals you need to succeed and bring your ideas into being. The combined knowledge and expertise of our digital marketing agency date back to the days when LinkedIn was yet to be created.

Why Choose a Professional LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency?

  • Professionally target new businesses and markets globally.
  • Ongoing assistance and support from our team of professionals.
  • Carefully following Linkedin’s features, policies, and best practices.
  • Transparent reporting on your performance to make informed decisions. 
  • Direct communication, transparent pricing, and measurable deliverables.


Most companies have realized that LinkedIn excels as a B2B tool by increasing awareness for quality prospects who are most likely to become clients. With TrustWay Marketing on your side, you can harness Linkedin’s full potential and establish stable business growth. Our goal is simple. To expand your qualified leads base and connect you with opportunities. We believe in the high-quality output of our work as we have the experience and a team of talents that can get your work done. Simply let us know when you are ready to learn more about our LinkedIn lead generation services!

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