Marketing Packages

sometimes you need more than a service, you need a department

if you are too busy running your business to effectively and efficiently market it,

weare your outsourced marketing department

Grow your business

Why outsource your marketing?

Simple, it lessens the burden on management, resources, time, training, skill, expertise, workspace and focus.

Most large companies have in-house marketing departments because they know how crucial it is to business growth and development. A business simply cannot consistently grow without proper marketing.

Marketing a business is a marathon and not a race. It’s much more than placing an ad and hoping for the best. It involves everything from branding goals to business goals. For more on that, see our marketing goals article.

unfortunately, hiring an in-house marketing department or even marketing director can get expensive quickly for most businesses

According to GlassDoor, the average base salary for a Marketing Director is $119,750 per year. That is just the person, not the department, the strategies, the tools or the implementation of any marketing for a business.

Imagine… What would it look like if you could get an entire marketing department for your business at a fraction of the cost of a Marketing Director? We have reinvented the process for businesses today by providing an entire team of marketing experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring a single employee. We are your marketing department.

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We have created marketing plans specifically tailored to help your business grow without you having to deal with everything

What does it look like?


It's having your own dedicated team handling all of your marketing without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it

We offer choices

You get started where you are comfortable, you can always add more as you grow.


Our basic option is so much more than just basic. It is intended to get you found and get loads of people talking about your business.


Our advanced package goes beyond the getting found and getting people talking about your business. We're handling more than most companies knew they could do.


Our full-service package is just that. Full-service. We go well beyond most traditional marketing methods and get into alternative strategies as well as focus less on individual tactics. In true marketing department style, we handle most things without you having to get involved at all.

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Brand Authority Network
Monthly Submission to over 500 media contacts
Brand awareness on a national level
Increased credibility to convert more customers