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I’ve always used ACE as an acronym. It stands for Authority, Celebrity and Exclusivity. That’s exactly what you’re creating with the right kind of content in your marketing. Whether you’re looking at it for SEO purposes, to build a community or to establish credibility with your prospects and customers, there is no better way than content creation.

Did you know that websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages (TechClient)? Having content on your website is the way to get found. In fact, all marketing strategies today should include content as part of the overall strategy.

More than 80% of consumers are doing research online prior to making a purchase. Your content is their first impression. If you’re not answering the questions they’re asking, they’ll look somewhere else.

Lead generation and marketing programs are only as good as the content you use to feed them.

What types of content do I need?


Articles today need high quality original content that is fully researched, SEO optimized and verified for originality.


Excite, encourage and engage! Inspire interaction with blog posts and keep your prospects waiting with their breath held for more.

website content

Give your website a complete makeover and leave the "blah" behind with engaging writing that draws visitors in.

press releases

Press releases can be powerhouse marketing tools when expertly written. Pack it with just the right punch to get you noticed.

Email & Newsletters

Personalized Emails or newsletters that are dynamically drafted will push your prospects and customers into action.

Social media content

Clever social media content can fire up your followers into a frenzy like sharks with blood in the water. Create posts that skyrocket likes and shares.

product descriptions

Turn visitors into customers with persuasive product descriptions that are engaging and well written.

product reviews

Build trust among your target market with honest and persuasive reviews that will bring your product or service into the forefront of the consumer's mind.


E-Books allow readers to sense the value behind the words. From lead magnets to streams of income, E-Books can do it all.

white papers

White paper writing can earn your reader’s trust with the format that is both, educative and persuasive. Give yourself an authoritative voice to boost credibility.

resumes & cover letters

A well-written resume can be the difference between an interview and the trash bin. Land your dream job with a well-written resume and cover letter.

technical writing

Technical writing shouldn't be too "technical." Simplify the process and give easy to understand explanations and instructions dealing with your subject.


Don't let your video and audio fall flat. Create copy that is influential, emotional and drives your viewers to take action!

taglines & slogans

Condense your unique business into a definitive identity with tantalizing taglines and slogans. Use these to boost your brand to new heights.

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