5 Pillars of Marketing

There are 5 pillars of digital or online marketing. Each of these pillars needs to be looked at to determine what should be used and how it should be used. Depending on what your business and branding goals are for the company, you need to match the pillars with your priorities.


Social Media

What social media sources and resources are you taking advantage of right now?

Whether it be posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other, the social media aspect of your marketing is on that cannot be ignored.



This is talking specifically about your website. People turn to websites for credibility and validation. They are also an important place for people to be able to check out your brand.



Search refers to search engines and can reference both organic search engine displays as well as search engine advertising.



Visual digital advertising is an important part of marketing. Everywhere you look you see some form of visual advertising online. What are you using in this area?



CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This includes not only the software that you use for keeping track of your customers and prospects, but it includes your email marketing strategies as well.

I know! And everybody's trying to sell me this stuff!

Yes they are! So here's the deal. I'm going to let you in on a little secret....

Depending on what your business needs, not everything works. Specifically different strategies work for different things. Remember when we talked about branding vs business?

Here's a chart that shows you which areas to target for more effective marketing.

⇑ = Means that generally it is good for this area.
⇓ = Means that generally it is bad for this area.
⇒ = Means that generally it is somewhat neutral for this area. Could be good or not...depending on how you work it.
Digital Strategy

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