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Increase Your Conversion Rates: Strategies to Boost Your Online Sales

The devil is in the details.

The success of an email newsletter, landing page, or ad campaign often resides in minutiae. Things like the subjects of your visuals, the placement of the CTAs, the font size, and the adjectives you use can make or break your marketing efforts.

This is the stuff of conversion rate optimization.

Minor but calculated and researched tweaks can land you just a couple more customers or they can help your conversions go through the roof. The small steps you take in writing and designing your marketing campaigns generate epic leaps for your business. 

And we’re going to take a small step together today. You will increase conversion rates by optimizing your call-to-action buttons. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What is conversion rate optimization
  • How to write a call to action to increase conversion rates
  • Bonus: some conversion rate optimization best practices

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a marketing niche as much as it is a process of identifying elements that hinder conversions and providing solutions for them. 

CRO deals with nuances. 

Underperforming webpages, email campaigns, apps, and ads go through an optimization process that results in brand-new design and copy. During testing, the new versions should have proved to encourage more users to take action on the website, email, or ad.

Do you want to improve your landing page conversion rate, increase sales, and reduce costs per customer acquisition? 

Try CRO before considering a complete rewrite and redesign of your page. It provides substantial results, especially when working with limited budgets. 

Increase Conversion Rates Through Call-To-Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons are a fundamental element of a webpage, and so they are significant for a CRO expert. The critical role of CTAs is to transition users from one point in the conversion funnel to the next.

When call-to-action buttons are vague, invisible, or artificial, consumers are sure to ignore them, consequently lowering your website conversion rates.

There are some straightforward ways you can avoid that. Read on for practical methods to increase conversion rates with a user-oriented CTA. 

  1. Formulate Calls to Action Using Actionable Language

To increase conversion rates, use actionable language. Your CTA should speak directly to the reader and ask them to take a specific action. 

To do that, you:

  • Employ verbs that depict actions, such as “download”, “learn”, “find”, and “read”. These verbs should replace vague phrases.
  • Make sure to address the reader using the second person in your writing. This builds rapport between you and the website visitor.
  1. Include Descriptions That Convey the Value of Your Offer

The CTA shouldn’t be isolated or left without some copy to describe it.  

To increase conversion rates for your CTA, write the copy to accompany it on the page. Let it be clear to the potential customer that you are inviting them to receive value in the form of knowledge, free tools, or a service. 

In marketing jargon, this is the value proposition, and it should help the reader understand the difference between you and your competition.

  1. Make Your Call to Action Visible Through Design

To increase your conversion rate through the design of your CTA, follow these simple yet nifty design tips: 

  • Your call-to-action buttons should be large. A small button at the end of the page will look like you’re trying to hide your CTA from website visitors. Instead, use a larger font and design for your button or create a distinct section for it. 
  • The design of your call to action should contrast with the rest of the content. To attract your visitor’s attention, surround your CTA buttons with bright colors and bold multimedia elements. Visitors are more likely to notice the CTA if it’s a bright orange box flickering in front of them.
  • The design of your CTA should indicate that the button is clickable. If there is a slight chance that new visitors might believe that your CTA is simple text or image, then your website’s conversion rate might suffer. Avoid confusion and hesitation by adding shading or borders to the design of the button.
  1. Write the CTA for Your Target Audience 

To increase conversion rates by tweaking your CTAs, tailor the buttons according to each audience segment. 

In the process of conversion rate optimization, you should always write personalized content on your critical pages. Sometimes, this means that you have to write a sales page for each audience segment. Other times, this means that you should pay attention to how you design and write your CTAs.

The factors that might influence the final form of your CTAs and provoke an increase in conversion rates are the preferences and interests of your potential customers. 

Talk to your sales team to learn about your past customers, and then use this information to start A/B testing.

conversion rate optimization

Bonus: Some Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

If you want to increase conversion rates beyond expectations, you might have to use some other conversion rate optimization best practices.

  1. Analyze Your Page’s Performance Before Making Any Changes

Optimizing your conversion rate is a long process that requires you to collect data before and after working on your landing pages and product pages. Heat maps and scroll maps are powerful tools to gather information about your customers’ behavior. 

  1. Use Social Proof to Create Trust

People tend to trust less the brands that advocate their own products and services and trust more the recommendations of people similar to them. Adding positive reviews and social proof to a website has shown time and time again that it helps increase conversion rates.  

  1. Consult Your CRO Checklist Day In, Day Out

Make a monthly habit of checking the following list: 

  • Your landing page is optimized for mobile users.
  • You constantly remove broken links on your website.
  • You offer money-back guarantees.
  • Your site is easy to navigate.
  • You have produced relevant content.
  • You try to drive more traffic to your website & pay attention to bounce rates.

Initiate Predictable and Calculable Growth

There is more to digital marketing than you have expected. Some methods require plenty of resources and a high tolerance for risk, while others just need a little more time and careful planning.

We hope we have answered your questions on what conversion rate optimization is and how to increase conversion rates by editing your CTAs.

Get in touch with our team to learn how you can generate predictable growth!


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