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The Importance of Outsourcing for Small Business Growth

Before we get into the intricacies of where you need to get started with your marketing, let’s talk for just a minute about the importance of outsourcing to your business.

You could spend thousands of hours researching out the ideal solutions for the challenges you are facing or you could get expert help and guidance.

6 Major Advantages to Outsourcing

1. Focus On Core Business Activities
The primary job of a business is to make a profit. The primary job of a business owner is to focus on RGAs (Revenue Generating Activities).

As good as that sounds, it’s isn’t always easy to do. With all of the day to day barrage of things that come in, business owners tend to act more like firefighters than executives. Working, consistently, in the business instead of on the business leads directly to slowed growth, lower profitability and faster burnout.

Outsourcing your marketing efforts can take all of that off your plate so you can spend that time working on growing the business.

2. Reduced Overhead
Overhead costs of hiring staff are high and continue to climb. Larger companies that have marketing departments spend considerable amounts of money to maintain those departments.

Consider outsourcing those marketing functions which can be easily handled by an outside company. When you outsource, not only are you decreasing the amount you would spend on consistent payroll costs, there is no increased need for office space. No furniture. No equipment. No insurance to cover all of that.

3. Project Flexibility

Flexibility is the name of the game in the global economy today. What used to be done locally can often now be done in other countries.

This means that in business today, we often have to pivot in our projects as well as our marketing efforts. Training employees on new technologies and trends is expensive. That’s payroll dollars spent on learning that could have been spent on new and better marketing projects.

4. Increased Efficiency

Companies that do everything in-house tend to have much higher research, development, marketing, and distribution expenses. These costs are costs that must be passed on to customers.

Removing the need for these functions to be done by employees will allow for more focus on core business needs as well as reduce the overall amount of time it takes to respond to changes.

5. Continuity & Risk Management
With employees comes turnover. Employee turnover adds uncertainty and inconsistency to your business operations.

Outsourcing can provide some continuity and flexibility to the company. It also reduces the financial risk to the company when dealing with hiring and training after turnover.

6. Level the Playing Field

Let’s face it…small to medium-sized businesses just don’t have the marketing budget or resources of the big dogs. Coca-Cola spends nearly $4 billion dollars a year in marketing. That comes with a massive in-house marketing department.

Outsourcing allows your company to have access to the same economies of scale, expertise and efficiency that big companies can afford.

Now that we know all that, the important thing is
determining what you want to accomplish.


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