Choosing The Right Social Media

What's the best social media

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With all these social media options, which one do I choose?

What's the best social media

Everybody is always talking about how important it is to be on social media. The problem is that there are so many different types of social media, it can be overwhelming to choose and time-consuming to try too many. So what do you do?

Target Marketing

Defining who you want to serve is one of the most important critical components of business success. One huge mistake owners often make is the “be everything to everybody” philosophy.

While it’s noble to want to help everyone, that leads to business suicide in most cases. The feeling is that choosing a specific group of people or target market can limit your business.

Choosing a niche of people to service doesn’t limit you, It frees you, You become more free to focus on more opportunities and success with your market instead of consistently trying to find the next “silver bullet.”

Being specific in who you’re targeting allows you to focus time, energy and resources to areas that will give you and clients greatest result. You become even more effective when you define a specific problem that your market has.
Market to the people who have the problem that want the result.

When you get specific, you can find where to find them, become an expert, speak directly to their needs, and create better products, programs and services.

The challenge is when you’re too vague or try to be everything to everyone. This creates confusion in the minds of people you should serve when they’re looking for experts.

For more information on defining your target market, read our blog article here.

What does this mean for social media?

The where and how is more important than the what!

Seriously though…If you sell directly to consumers, LinkedIn may not be the best place to try. Conversely, if you sell to other businesses, Facebook is much harder. All too often, businesses want to have presences on tons of social media outlets and that tends to be more of a waste than a benefit. Typically, we recommend 2-3 maximum.

Dominate the ones you use for your business. Don’t do just a little bit of a bunch of them…

It’s called Social Media Strategy for a reason!

Using it wisely means you need a strategy of promotional, educational and inspirational. People don’t get on social media to just be sold something. If they see that, they’re just as likely to block you.

How do I do it right?

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