19 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

19 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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One of the most important questions we often get in marketing is how to drive traffic to your website. There are tons of ways, but for now, let’s keep it simple. Below you’ll find a list of 19 ways to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Article directories – Article directories can be a very good strategy to get visibility.
  2. Comment on others’ blogs – This is a great way to put you in expert status.
  3. Join community boards within your expertise and contribute – Community boards are not for directly selling, but share your expertise and watch the traffic flow.
  4. Guest blogging – Find a partner whose expertise is complementary to yours and get visibility in front of their tribe.
  5. Share your blog article on social media – Social media is one of the best viral strategy you can think of.
  6. Submit your articles to bookmarking sites – Votes can get you extremely high visibility in front of a big audience.
  7. Videos – It’s not just about creating videos, but also distributing them via video distribution channels. (Just think of how high these come up in search rankings.)
  8. RSS – Your feed gives you the opportunity to keep regular contact with your website visitors and can make them come back to your website.
  9. Reviews – It requires some investment, but getting reviews by customers helps other people decide to visit you.
  10. Pay per click ads – Ad prices can go as low as just a few cents per click.
  11. Social media contests – Giving away nice prizes is a great motivator for people to send others to your website.
  12. Refer-a-friend prize – Give a gift or right to participate in a prize draw to every person who refers you to others.
  13. Offer e-book with resell rights – Offering an e-book is a common strategy, but offering it with the rights to resell or offer to clients, partners or friends can give you wide publicity.
  14. Search engine optimization – This is the infamous SEO that decides if you will be on page 1 or 500 of a search engine.
  15. Joint venture partnering – JV can be a very good way to get in front of someone else’s customers and prospects, by creating a common product or interview each other.
  16. Affiliate partnerships – Affiliate partners can help promote your products in return for commission. It’s like building  a sales force you only pay when you get paid.
  17. Mentioning authority names in your blog – Since these people are highly sought in search engines, your blog might come up many times in these searches.
  18. Organize an event with big social buzz – Getting in front of lots of people is a great strategy to boost your website traffic.
  19. Start your own community board – High interactivity drives your board (and website) up on the search engines.

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