Why Most Businesses Are Failing At Social Media

If marketing is about putting your message where your audience hangs out (which it is), then social media is a no-brainer.

Many businesses fail to fully leverage social media in their marketing plans. Strategic efforts end with content and advertising.

Today, 79% of US internet users are on Facebook. Six out of ten Americans stay updated on news through social media, while 35% have used social media to look for or research a job. And these same numbers are reflected worldwide.

Is it any wonder marketers are going social to grow their business?

The key, of course, is to get your information in front of your prospects and customers where they hang out online.

Listening is the key to creating a successful social strategy.

Whether you’re paying attention or not, people are talking about you and reaching out to you on the social web. They’re sharing their experiences with your products. They’re talking about the things you’re saying or doing.

What are you listening for?

Goals are:

  1. Track public perception of your brand.
  2. Identify the topics you need to be talking about.
  3. Keep a pulse on the industry, where it’s going, how it’s being perceived.
  4. Perform customer research.
  5. Conduct competitive research.

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