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Building a Landing Page

How to build the next step in a visitor becoming a customer

what is a landing page?

Whether you call them  “lead capture page”, “single property page”, “static page”, “squeeze page” or a “destination page”, a landing page is where you direct a prospect to take a specific action. These actions can be anything from purchasing a  product or service, subscribing to a lead magnet, newsletter, or a form requesting information.

Landing Pages are crucial as they are involved in every digital marketing campaign you run from email campaigns to online advertising. For example, a prospect finds your ad but the ad only gives them a piece of product information. Nothing else.  Without a clear next step or location to go, you lost their interest and your profit.

Many confuse the homepage of a website as a landing page. The job of a landing page is to simply accomplish the one goal you have set for it.

But where do you start?

We have created an all-inclusive class that will teach you the various types of landing pages, how to implement proper tactics and actions, and how to design/build out your perfect landing page.

According to Hubspot, having 10-12 landing pages increases the leads you get online by up to 55%! Conversion rates on a quality landing page average as high as 26% according to Databox. With 55% more leads and a 26% average conversion rate, it simply makes sense to know more about how to build them and how to do it right.

What is a Landing Page?

and why you need them to effectively move prospects towards becoming customers

15 Tactics for a Perfect Landing Page

including how to get the most from this valuable piece of online real estate

3 Types of Landing Pages

and when to use them for maximum effectiveness

Designing Your Landing Page

including the 3 ways to build your landing page


Too many companies pressure you to buy things from them. Our philosophy is different. We want to show you our expertise before you decide whether you want to work with us or not.

By offering our classes, we are able to help you with different aspects of your marketing and then, if you want us to help you more, you’ll know right where we are.

Each of our classes is around 60 minutes long and is packed with valuable information for you to make the best decisions in marketing for your company.

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