9 Tips for Getting Leads and Referrals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Leads

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Are you really creating leads and referrals on LinkedIn? If not there are several things you can do to start generating more leads and referrals today.
1. Put your elevator speech in your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a virtual networking community. People are constantly searching for people to connect with and do business with. Are you telling them what you do? If not, someone else is getting those leads.
2. Consistently add connections to your network. Spend a bit of time each day adding new connections to your network. By doing so, you are adding those people you can build a relationship with as well as keep your prospect list growing.
Tip: Everyone you meet throughout your regular work day is a potential LinkedIn connection as well.
3. Spend five minutes a day looking at connections of your contacts to see who you don’t know already, but would like to know. Start with the “Recommendations” first. Those are the most likely the strongest relationships of the LinkedIn user you are seeing.
4. Ask for referrals outside of LinkedIn. You can connect with those people on LinkedIn for a quick introduction. Since you had a referral outside of LinkedIn, use that in your message for a quicker response.
5. Connect with existing clients and prospects. Invest another two minutes each day searching for your existing customers and top potential customers. Learn whether they have a business page. Follow and monitor it if they do. This will both improve LinkedIn’s recommendations as well as give insight to the things your customers and prospects are interested in.
6. Post a status update. Publish an update to your network daily. Share links to a short article or a video that relates to your customers and prospects.
7. Join groups. You can connect with prospects who are in your groups. Groups are a great way to add value, share insights, and increase your network.
8. Celebrate the accomplishments of your network. When you come across something that’s good news about your clients or prospects, share the news as a status update and tag them in it. Congratulate them on a work anniversary. Wish them happy birthday.
9. Give recommendations. It is typically difficult to get recommendations on LinkedIn because it takes time and effort for people to publish them for you. Instead of waiting for someone to recommend you, spend a bit of time each day recommending your customers and key prospects. Often, people will reciprocate.
Investing time and effort into marketing through LinkedIn can be a very rewarding endeavor. However, it does take time. If you could use help, check out our LinkedIn Lead Explosion strategy.

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