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Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Discover 5 digital marketing lessons from 2022 to use as a stepping stone for your 2023 plan.

One thing that we have learned from 2023 is that digital marketing strategies are the driving force for credibility, brand awareness, and sales. With the digital world expanding more than ever, we can’t ignore the power a tactic approach in this scenery can have.

Over the last two years, marketers have adopted new approaches, tools, strategies, and platforms. Online consumer behavior has suffered multiple changes, but this only represents good news for the digital landscape, as people are more engaged and curious about how brands interact online. 

All over, digital marketing strategies still have to follow “traditional” structures like The Four P’s of Marketing, but innovative and creative approaches can make a difference. The end of each year is a great opportunity for marketers to reassess what worked best, and what didn’t and discover what are the best opportunities to tap into the following year.

Therefore, here is a summary of 2023’s best digital marketing strategies that can set the tone for the next activities:

  1. Developing a video strategy 

This past year, 83.8% of all internet users in the US alone accessed video content. We can witness a continuous rise in short-term video content, as users can get their information easily and faster.

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Blending video content with your digital marketing strategies can be harder, as in many cases it requires more time to produce, but it has proved to be one of the most efficient tools out there. For example, creating a successful buyer journey, and implicitly marketing funnel, can usually require a lot of resources. As with video marketing, you can achieve the entire buyer journey in one piece of content — taking the viewers from attention and interest to a decision through a strong call to action.

Hubspot emphasizes in its State of Marketing Report that video was the primary form of marketing in 2023, followed by blogs and infographics.

Prepare to see it leading the 2023 marketing trends as well.

  1. A solid social media presence

The same report shows that 60% of organizations have chosen social media marketing as their main focus this year.

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As our lives have transitioned for a high percentage into the digital world, social media has become the main medium of communicating and engaging between brands and their clients/prospects. A social media presence has gone from nice to have to a very needed tool to add to your digital marketing strategies. It is also where you can extract your most insights into consumer behavior and polish your business offer around them.

However, what needs to be kept in mind when it comes to social media marketing is consistency and diversity. A solid strategy must include multiple channels in order to connect with the different target audiences your brand markets to, and consistent posting to maintain an active and relevant image to your public.

  1. User-generated content & content that answers users’ questions

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Good research and strategy have always been the main pillar of an effective marketing campaign, but marketers have started to step up their game by focusing even more on the audience when creating content.

User-generated content and content that answers users’ questions aren’t one and the same thing, but they do achieve the same goals — gaining credibility and trust, improving brand awareness, and building customer loyalty.

In 2023, we witnessed a lot of user-generated content, meaning brands sharing content already created by their users. From personal product/service experiences to innovative ideas of how to incorporate those products/services into our lives, brands have understood the importance of incorporating this raw content their community shared into their strategy.

On the other hand, the digital strategies of creating content that answers users’ questions have gained new territories, as brands have engaged with micro-communities through local influencers, been active in social media threads about their competitors, or have employed the newest software to find out what their audience’s questions.

If a user does not receive satisfactory answers to their questions, they will not engage with your brand anymore. This content should either inform or add value to the consumers’ experience, ultimately assisting them in solving their problems.

  1. Always have a multi-channel perspective

Brands that understand that each platform can engage with its users differently, can make a difference with their digital marketing strategies. From Facebook to LinkedIn or TikTok, there are very different types of content and many times address different audiences.

In 2023, brands incorporated a multi-channel experience to get ahead of their competition. This type of approach ensures higher conversion rates and relevant content for each segment of the audience. 

Useful Tip: Explore your brand personality and what platforms its main target personas use. Test out different options and then focus on your top three performing tools, to maximize your marketing efforts and keep consistency.

Cross-promotion of successful content has also become a go-to practice. For example, you can transform blog posts into a series of explanatory videos or LinkedIn posts into a newsletter. The more you make use of your content, the more you stay on your audience’s top of your mind.

  1. Optimizing your website

Websites’ main purpose has always been to drive conversions or traffic, but with recent years driving people’s activities more online, optimizing your website is the key to keeping them active clients.

There are many cases in which people can’t conduct their shopping or other related activities at the location, due to COVID-19’. This is where websites have acquired a whole new sense than just an interface between your business and its prospects — on many occasions, website visitors expect a similar experience as they do at the physical location. 

Therefore digital marketing strategies now include next-level personalization techniques, even employing artificial intelligence to serve up content, offers, and journeys that resonate with each individual.

What to prepare for in 2023?

2023 digital marketing trends are highly moving towards data-driven video practices, content repurposes, and interactive web experiences. The future seems to be focused on the users and the best experience brands can provide for them.

If you want to grasp this momentum of digital marketing strategies, while also staying grounded with the four P’s of marketing, contact us and we’ll develop the most suitable digital marketing strategy for your brand!


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