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How To Launch A New Product

Step-by-Step Process of Selling the Next Million Dollar Idea or Product​

Product Launch

Let’s face it, launching a new product or service can be hard. According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, there are over 30,000 new products introduced every year, and 95 percent fail.

We don’t really need studies and surveys to know that no one in history had a great idea for a new product or service and said “I’m going to launch this thing and I will fail huge!” The point here is that even though 100% of people launch products or services thinking they will be successful, only 5% are. 


It would be too easy to say that they don’t do it right, but essentially that is true. Most often, the lack of research and planning is what causes failures. There are 5 key areas you need to address in order to make any launch successful.

  • Do you have a product that solves a problem that your customer may have?
  • Do you want to grow your business but also be able to handle the growth?
  • Do you have a team that can help you meet your goals?

Launching is a difficult, time and energy-consuming task. We created a class all about product launches and starting a business to make sure you are prepared for all the obstacles that are to come.

Find out how to launch effectively and efficiently through these 5 steps to launching your new product or business:

Get Organized

learn our recommended methods and tools to stay organized and efficient

Nail Down Your Story

and how to deliver your brand to your customers.

Deciding Your Channel

including how and where to showcase your new product based on demographics and needs of the brand.

Determine Your Timeline

including the importance of pre-launch planning, determining your sales funnels, and content launches.

Deciding and Creating Your Deliverables

understanding what is needed before launching a new product and what factors to consider before creating a website, call to actions and advertising campaigns.


Too many companies pressure you to buy things from them. Our philosophy is different. We want to show you our expertise before you decide whether you want to work with us or not.

By offering our classes, we are able to help you with different aspects of your marketing and then, if you want us to help you more, you’ll know right where we are.

Each of our classes is around 60 minutes long and is packed with valuable information for you to make the best decisions in marketing for your company.