What do you want to accomplish?

Isn't the purpose of all marketing to generate leads and sales? Yes...and no. This area is more about directly affecting sales and advertising. Marketing has a lot of strategies for growth of a business. Here your focus would be on generating new business, repeat business, getting consistent referrals, testimonials and lead generation strategies.

Too many businesses today follow suit in a sea of sameness and mediocrity. The only way to win customer loyalty, grow your business and consistently generate more revenue is to stand out from your competition. That means you have to do things differently than others. What can you do that others aren't?

You lose 100% of the sales from people who don't know you exist. Today, more than ever, people have to be able to not only find you, they have to be able to interact with you. "If you build it, they will come" sounded good in the movie Field of Dreams, but that's not reality. You must implement strategies for people to be able to find you or you'll find your business left behind.

All dollars spent on marketing aren't equal. Some things have good return on investment. Some don't. Some things are meant to make you money now. Other things are meant to grow your business for the long-term. Is what you're doing currently really helping you reach your goals? One of the greatest leadership lessons we can learn in business is: Activity Does Not Necessarily Equal Accomplishment

Coca-Cola. Microsoft. McDonald's. Branding in one word: Consistency. Building a business brand is about creating a unique and memorable impression of your company in your customers' mind. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in your market that helps your business attract and retain loyal customers.

Surprisingly, this isn't uncommon. All too often businesses get so caught up in the daily routine that they forget to set goals. Steps need to be taken to ensure that a business grows. One major fact of the business world today: You're either growing or dying. There is no sitting still. Don't worry. Help is available.