Display Ads

Aren't all ads display ads?

Not really. There are lots of different kinds of advertising. For our purposes, we're going to paint this picture with a broad stroke. Display advertising is any kind of advertising that a consumer sees that normally wouldn't be there.

There is a lot of content advertising, meaning that the advertising is done as some form of content. For example, a blog post that would contain a link to purchase a product or service within it.

When you think of display ads, think of the banner ads on webpages, the "sponsored" ads on social media and the ads in your search results on search engines. In a way, it's like online billboards advertising a product or service. Sometimes they come in the form of popups on websites you're browsing.


This makes my head hurt! How do I know what to advertise and where?

The answer is relatively simple. Remember that target market thing we talked about? If you missed it, click here.

Knowing your market and where to find them will help you determine where you should put ads and what kinds of ads to place.

Besides your website, there are 3 main places that people place ads...

Social Media

Social media advertising is different than just social media posting. With most of the networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can specifically target people and create ads to go to those people. Like most other forms of display advertising, you can also retarget people that visited your website or clicked on a post or took some other action.

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Search Engines

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is where you place ads that will show up in people’s searches. Like the other forms of display advertising, you can also target and retarget specific types of people or specific interests. The goal here is to get them when they’re already looking for your product or service where social media is more about getting them interested.

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Ad Networks

Ad networks are a bit of a horse of a different color. Instead of focusing on a social media or search engine, you’re targeting other websites. Ad networks represent many Web sites in selling advertising. This can allow for reach of broad audiences relatively easily but often gets more difficult to get as specific as the other types.

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