Increasing Visibility

Brand and business visibility is all about awareness and engagement.

Awareness is about being seen. Your potential customer's ability to recognize or recall your brand is necessary for purchasing decision-making. A sale cannot happen unless a person is first aware of a product they want or need and then a brand that offers it.

Companies that generate a high level of brand awareness are likely to make more sales than competitors. Are you focused on getting your name out there?

Engagement is more about getting them to interact with you once they are aware you exist. It is the process of creating an emotional or rational attachment between your company and potential customers.

How are people interacting with your company? Are they seeing and interacting with you on social media? Reading your blog posts? Clicking around on your website?

You lose 100% of the business from people who don’t know you exist.David Hall, Founder & CEO of Trustway Marketing

4 Top Ways to Increase Visibility


It’s not just about social media. It’s about the right social media.

What do you mean?


Content can make you or break you. Where and how are both important.

Where and how?


People are searching for you. Can they find you?

I like being found


One simple mistake can cost you ALL profitability.

No mistakes!