A Primer on Analytics

Analytics are a vital tool to improve performance.

There are two main types of analytics. Those that are on your website and those that come from Google.

Website Analytics

Tools and professional consultations to monitor and analyze your website
Web analytics analyses are crucial in the world of internet marketing and for the optimization of websites. The large quantity of information analytics can provide allows for the checking of just how effective your optimizations are, and at the same time allows for recommendations of ways of improving the quality of your website, as well as its visibility and conversions.

Data analysis for tangible improvements
Web analytics allows for the gathering of a wide variety of data. In order to make the best use of them, our specialists know how to transform numbers into rules and design suggestions that lead to concrete and tangible improvements.

Source and goal conversion tracking
Tracking your website is essential to obtain a return on your marketing investments that produces profits. Distinguishing between sources that lead to purchases or contacts from ones that had no result can make or break your marketing efforts.

Professional website analytics consultation
We offer complete web analytics consultation, taking care of monitoring and implementing targeted optimizations.

Google Analytics

An essential tool for web marketing professionals
Google Analytics allows us to acquire and analyze a huge amount of data on a daily basis in relation to your website and marketing efforts.

Accurate statistics for total monitoring
Google Analytics makes statistics available: from simple and generic data, such as the number of daily visits and the most visited pages on a website, to more specialist markers, such as the so-called bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who, once they enter a website, leave it within a few seconds), visitor behavior on a website, investment trends made in advertising promotions, the filling in of contact forms, pdf downloads, among other objectives.

Not just monitoring, but also constantly improving 
Google Analytics can verify, by means of precise and timely tracking, if your strategies are effective. At the same time, it allows us to constantly fine-tune optimizations in our marketing efforts.

Why entrust us with the Google Analytics “keys”?
Google Analytics are essential to increase your business and visibility in an effective and lasting way. We constantly monitor your website and marketing efforts to make sure that you are achieving your goals.

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